The Armed Gardner Website Review & Ratings + The Armed Gardner Coupons
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The Armed Gardner Website Review & Ratings + The Armed Gardner Coupons

The Armed Gardner: Products & Services is based upon the product The Armed Gardener and the website is entirely for its sale and promotion. There are no other products on this website and no other services are provided by the site. The company only has a single product and has created a website for improving the exposure to the same.

The Armed Gardner: Company Background is registered with the company name Armed Gardener Inc and operates from US and is a newbie in the product market. The company is based upon the niche of gardening tools but as of now, it provides only a single product that protects the arms from scratches, direct sunlight, thorns, bugs and many other gardening related problems

The Armed Gardner: Customer Feedback & Reviews

The product has been appreciated by all the buyers. The concept of protecting one’s arms while gardening is brilliant and is validated by all the people who have had an experience with the product. There are still some complaints regarding the tight fitting of the product and some people complained that they barely fitted and there is no space for air.

The Armed Gardner: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

The business is fairly new as well as tiny. Due to only one product, the company can be barely called a running business and that’s the reason why there is no Better Business Bureau page linked to Neither the website, nor the company has been listed anywhere in the BBB database.

The Armed Gardner: Website Popularity & Google Ranking is barely months old and the site don’t have any recognized recognition or reputation in the internet world and that may be the reason Alexa has no records of the website. The Google pagerank of the website couldn’t be found as well. There are no statistics related to traffic anywhere on the internet.

The Armed Gardner: Social Media Presence

The site is not present on any social media at all. There is no associated Facebook page or twitter page. The site barely has enough content to begin with and that maybe the reason it has not yet entered the social networking market. There is no blog related to the site and no YouTube was found linked to as well. 

The Armed Gardner: Website Security & Safety

The company has a single checkout page corresponding to its only product and the page is secure. The Google diagnostics page linked with the site indicates that the site is not suspicious and no malware or associated malicious software could be found linked to the site in any form. Also, Google has never visited in the past 90 days.

The Armed Gardner: Pricing & Packages

There is only a single product around which the whole website has been built. The price of the product is $19.95 and looking at the fact that the product is one of a kind, it’s quite obvious that there are no similar companies selling such a product and also, the prices are reasonable.

The Armed Gardner: Shipping Rates & Policies

The company has listed its few basic shipping policies on the website. The company ships on time and safely but international shipping is not supported at present. The company ships throughout the US through a shipping method of the customer’s choice and the estimated delivery dates are also provided. Shipping charges are variable and based upon the total price.

The Armed Gardner: Payment Methods Accepted

The company accepts credit cards including VISA, Mastercard as well as American express as verified by a trial booking on the site The company however accepts and promotes the use of payments via PayPal over credit cards, the reason being that it is faster and easier as well as efficient.

The Armed Gardner: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

There aren’t any refunds provided by the company. The product listed is clearly shown and that’s the reason they don’t provide any refunds along with the fact that they are new and much smaller than the rest. No refund or exchange policy could be found anywhere on the website. The products once paid for can’t be returned and since there is only one product, an exchange is not possible.

The Armed Gardner: Product images & screenshots
The Armed Gardner Coupons
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